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Calibrates Any Complete Allen Gauge or Individual Indicator
Important Questions for Manufacturers of Tubular Products:

Are you certain your dial indicators meet API requirements? Is there wear on the internal parts of your indicators? Have any of your gauges been accidentally dropped? Gauge recalibration on the Allen Universal Calibrator can assure you of close, accurate inspection of your product line.

6872 Calibrator

This instrument sets up quickly and easily to check the accuracy of Allen Lead, Taper and Height Gauges, Individual indicators or complete gauges can be accommodated. Calibrates dial indicators individually, or can hold the entire gauge while calibration is made. A precision screw micrometer is used as the central measuring element for readings with an accuracy of 0.0001?and estimated to half that value. It features 360-degree rotation of the precision micrometer, as well as vertical and horizontal movements for alignment with the micrometer stem. The means a gauge can be calibrated without disassembly, thus reducing downtime and costly repair work. A metric version and a digital version capable of standard or metric readings are also available. These instruments are furnished complete with attachments for all Allen Gauges. Features 360° rotation, as well as vertical and horizontal movement to align calibrator to already mounted indicators. Gauge can be calibrated without disassembling, reducing down time. Precision screw micrometer used as measuring element can be easily read directly to 0.0001? and estimated to the nearest 0.00005?. Furnished complete with attachments for all Allen gauges.








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